FACULTY: Michael Radu, DDS, MS

6 CE credits
1 day – Lecture
Time: 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM

DATE: September 28, 2019


Dentists, Hygienists, Dental Assistants, Dental Technicians
  1. Understand why Treatment Planning is a process involving the entire dental team
  2. Learn how to use in detail the three steps of the process: the examination, the planning, and the presentation (consultation)
  3. Learn the tools and methods of an effective Treatment Planning process. Find out why motivational interviewing for patient objectives discovery is essential
  4. Learn how to use photography and presentation software
  5. Learn the steps and protocols of an effective Treatment Planning
  6. Learn why Treatment Planning is the financial engine of the practice. The fees setting and the implications on the profitability of the office are detailed
  7. Learn how to incorporate oral care in your plan, for long term success and profitability
  8. Learn why a quarterback is needed and what member of the team should assume that role
The goal of Treatment Planning is to uncover the patient’s objectives and find the best procedures to fulfill them. To this end, the team of dentist, hygienist and dental assistant will have to follow a series of steps: the exam, the planning and the presentation to get agreement on the proposed plan of action. Each of these steps is discussed and presented as a building block of an effective Treatment Planning. The psychological and financial implications of each step are presented and discussed with the audience. The role of the team to increase the efficiency of the process is emphasized throughout the course. A clear protocol to follow that can be used next day in practice is also presented.

Small group exercises are conducted, for a deeper understanding and learning of the process. The group will participate in a fee setting exercise and the profitability of the office will be explained through the time-cost-fee equation.

The need of a leader of the team will be discussed as a model for effectiveness, as well as the importance of that model in the profitability of the office.

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