Our main focus is to discuss cases. You may call it “Case Base Dentistry”.

Treatment planning, motivation of the patient, how to think a case, these are topics that interests all dentists, especially young ones. So, if you are young, or feel young, and want to brainstorm with your peers, this is for you. No pressure, no secret agendas, no finger pointing, just plain talk and camaraderie.

We have a meeting almost every month. We take turns in presenting cases. Michael is always here, unless he travels, and he is willing to share his experience, but, even more important, his “systems”.

Come see for yourself.

By the way, it’s free of charge; unless we go for a drink afterwards, and we all pay our share!

WE OFFER COURSES and WEBINARS in both aspects of dentistry – fundamentals and specific techniques; you decide what your needs are at this time in your career.