Our one day courses are structured so that you can learn and have fun as well.

The Digital Workflow

The intra-oral scanner is the starting point of the digital workflow, click here for the courses

Treatment Planning

The goal of Treatment Planning process is to uncover the patient’s objectives and find the best procedures to fulfill them.

Applied Occlusion Courses

Occlusion is considered difficult and complex. When approached from a clinical perspective, we will simplify the subject...

Implant Placement

The goal of the 3D planning is to make implant surgery easy, precise and short. Click here for more information on the courses

We found that the Friday all day format is easy to accommodate in your busy lifestyles. You don’t have to take off a week to attend a course. We manage to pack a lot of practical information into the 7 hours of lecture; the “simplified” approach we are taking makes it possible to shorten the actual lecture time while making it easier to digest and later implement.

WE OFFER COURSES and WEBINARS in both aspects of dentistry – fundamentals and specific techniques; you decide what your needs are at this time in your career.