Digital Dentistry
It is easier to learn from a coach!

From the tennis pro, to a prodigy musician, any master in her or his field is a product of coaching!

For some, the future is here in the room, for the rest of us, the future is knocking at the door; we better open the door and embrace the future with open arms, as we would a great friend we were waiting on. Those who don’t do that, the future will turn its back to them to never come back to visit, aside for their demise. Technology has made a dream come true – the dream of patient complete digital data collection, and the use of software to record, store, interpret, diagnose, plan treatment, communicate to patient for easy comprehension, and perform the optimal, least invasive corrective treatment.

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Boca Institute

May 17, 2019, Boca Raton, FL
FACULTY: Michael Radu, DDS, MS,  FAGD


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There are many courses out there…We believe we have something new, different, and better to bring to the dental lecture circuit.

First, we have a wealth of knowledge accumulated during over three decades of learning, researching, lecturing, publishing and practicing dentistry. We feel it is great to offer our patients the best of what our field has to offer, but it would be a waste to not share with our fellow dentists our knowledge, experience, insights, and pure joy of practicing on the cutting edge.


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unoOur one day courses are structured so that you can learn and have fun as well.

We found that the Friday all day format is easy to accommodate in your busy lifestyles. You don’t have to take off a week to attend a course. We manage to pack a lot of practical information into the 7 hours of lecture; the “simplified” approach we are taking makes it possible to shorten the actual lecture time while making it easier to digest and later implement.

Some courses will take place on Saturday, by demand.